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30 Sept 2020
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Welcome to Algoa Bay (USA) Shells
15 July 2017

Hello Shell-friends!

The last few months have been very busy for me.. so please excuse the
lack of recent updates.

But.. I have been acquiring some interesting collections and many Great New Shells..

Check out my latest NEW SHELLS...

As always we are looking for exceptional specimen shells to buy , so we can offer to you - the collector - really amazing creations !
So, if you have great shells of superb quality - please contact me.
We are here to help you in any way ! Feel free to ask for help.

Click here for our Marginella Gallery

Let us know if there are any SPECIAL shells you are looking for...
please send your WANTS LISTS....

Kind regards,

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* We pride ourselves on our quality and service!
* We have a LARGE selection of world-wide shells, and still many great S. African shells.
* Our stock contains great variety : common or rare ; shallow-water and trawled specimens
* The New Additions page is usually updated every couple of weeks (with photos)!!!
* Regular emails are sent to notify you of exciting new shells (ask &we'll add your name !)
* Email us with your requests...we look forward to getting to know you!!!!